Saturday, June 15, 2013 June!

I'm linking up with my first Linky Party today from Oh' Boy 4th Grade!! Can't believe it's halfway through June already! June 15th-- wowza. I feel so behind! I've already had 3 weeks of summer. NOOOO!
Anyways, here's my Currently on a lazy Saturday...

Now I'd love to hear from you--are you on vacation yet? Being lazy or enjoying the summer weather? Link up!!


Meg said...

Thanks for stopping by! Husband man and I enjoy Arrested Development as well!! I was creative in my kitchen the other day and attempted homemade bagels! They don't look the best, but hey...put a little cream cheese on it and anything is good! Welcome to the Currently linky! �� Enjoy the puppy cuddles!!

Christine Waverla said...

My husband is obsessed with Kale!! Where did you get your Kale Chip recipe? My laundry pile never goes away!!

Math Central

Kaitlyn said...

Hey Christine! I'm glad someone else struggles keeping up with laundry! It's just the two of us but I swear... that pile is out of control!!
I got my kale chip recipe here:
They were recommended by a friend--super simple, olive oil and salt... I haven't tried them yet, but I may this evening! I'm having a salty craving! Yumm! :)

Inside this Book said...

Love your blog! I love that it's not all about teaching; loved your post about the breadmaker especially.

Laundry... yuck! It never ends, right?

Inside this Book

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