Friday, June 21, 2013

Five for Friday-reading, working, eating, and celebrating!!

It's Five for Friday time!! Thanks to Doodle Bugs Teaching for this fun Friday Blog Tradition!


I bought Teach like a Pirate and LOVE it!! If you haven't gotten on that bandwagon yet-- JUMP ON! 
It's such an easy read--I was worried it would be content laden, or just like every other book on my shelf, but it is funny and engaging (one of his biggest points in the book to begin with!)...


I'm working (slowly) on some products for TPT. I'm new to this creative product thing.... I am learning! Slowly... 
I'd love to make a few reading units before the end of summer! I'm working on some reading strategies resources and some vowel practice games (etc.) right now, but I have two vacations coming up--so it may be awhile before I get my act in gear.
Does anyone have any suggestions of where to look/what to read to learn how to make things look so pretty for TPT?? I'm technologically challenged... This is a new world to me! :)


I'm really excited because I'm (hopefully) going to get to be able to see my new classroom on Monday!! I'm so nervous about switching schools, but I'm really excited to see the space I'm working with because I think it will really help me start planning and organizing things in my head! It's such a big change.... going to a new school, new environment, new subject matter.... etc! I'm getting more and more nervous/excited just thinking about it! But boy will it be nice to finally clean out the front of my entryway with all the boxes and crates and stuff from my old classroom!

Yikes this mess is SO embarrassing!! I can't believe I'm showing you this!


Boy Blue and I have been working on a more plant-based, whole foods diet. We're not going super far overboard right away, but I like researching and learning about health benefits and thinking about what is right for me. I've been reading and doing research almost daily now...
I've cut out meat and most dairy now (that part is a slower process...) and I feel great! It's for mostly health and nutrition reasons, trying to just stay healthy, feed my body the right vitamins and minerals that it needs and craves... I was a vegetarian back in high school (ALL through high school...) but I'm excited to start this journey. It has been so fun trying new foods, and exploring new recipes together. For one, I know it's brought the two of us closer together, and it has been fun figuring out how to cook and eat new veggies and new whole grains.... 
I bought wheat berries and chia seeds today, and I'm planning some fun dinners this weekend--one is a sweet potato lasagna (with tofu, broccoli, and big thick tomato slices), and the other one is a wheat berry mushroom pilaf! Yumm, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. Anyways--if you're interested at all in where this came from-- watch the documentary Forks over Knives. (Now I'm a documentary person-- I watch them for fun, but this one is NOT your standard documentary--it is engaging, entertaining, and very informational... It really makes you think! I couldn't stop watching it!)

I'm not a pushy food/diet person. I'm not a pushy person at all. In fact I'm not certain that *this* is the perfect diet for me, or that it will last, but I am feeling good, and I'm making better choices. I definitely get enough servings of fruits and vegetables and I know I won't be deficient in anything because of those choices. So far, I feel great! I even wake up hungry and ready for breakfast (which I NEVER used to do. I used to always skip breakfast because it made me feel so sick to eat in the morning). And surprisingly enough, I really don't miss meat or dairy yet. (ok maybe cheese a little bit... I'm from Wisconsin after all!) But I've considered myself lactose intolerant for 5 or 6 years now, so I've been limiting my dairy consumption for quite awhile anyways. 
Anyways, that was a lot longer explanation than I anticipated... Sorry about that!


Lastly, it's my baby girl's first birthday tomorrow!! She is turning 1!! ahhh! I guess I can't call her my baby anymore can I? 
Here she is! So proud in her Green Bay Packer collar and her pink bow!! 
Please ignore the mess in the background!! :)
So I'm planning to make her and the other two rascals pupcakes!! (instead of cupcakes...) I'm really excited! I want to buy them little birthday hats too! :) :) I think my may dogs hate me...

Have a fabulous weekend! Summer is slipping away already and it technically just started! Ack! 


Shawna said...

Happy Birthday to your baby, I think she will LOVE her pupcakes!!
The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

Albuquerque Amy's First Graders said...

I am a vegetarian who leans toward veganism. My hubby is full on vegan. I have been a veggie since 94. I always feel better when not eating dairy, which I love and have no intolerance to other than weight gain! Good luck with your eating choices. It is a hard road to stay on, but well worth it.

Kaitlyn said...

Thanks for your support Amy! I appreciate you stopping by!
I really enjoy it so far, and I don't miss much in terms of food yet! :)

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