Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Made It & Super Summer Giveaways!!

My oh my! This post is super late! I thought about linking up with Monday Made it this morning, since I loved doing the Currently linky in my last post... But I was rather lazy instead of creative today. I did get to "makin' it" in my kitchen recently, so I thought I'd share that while I'm at it!! Cooking and creating are two of my favorite parts of summer time!!

So, I'm linking up with 4th grade frolics today for Monday Made it!!

Made it #1: KALE CHIPS!

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to try my new Kale Chip recipe. Well, They turned out GREAT! I made them last night, and I seriously ate some kale chips and guacamole with jicama for dinner. (I woke up starving at 4am with my puppy whining at the door, but that is another story!)
They don't look beautiful, but they tasted delish!!
This is the first batch before they went in the oven--seriously, a few handfuls of baby kale (or you could chop up the bigger leaves into bite sized pieces) tossed in LIGHT olive oil. Seriously. It takes WAY less than you think. and a little salt ( I used garlic salt). We thought about doing chili powder or some other more exciting flavors, but I was nervous since it was my first time making them. 
Toss the pan in the oven at 350 for just 8-10 minutes. Watch them. They get crispy fast! This pan took 8 minutes, the second pan i did was much fuller with kale and took 10. Just don't go far! :) Delicious, and SO healthy. Did you know 2 cups of kale (one serving according to the package) has 870% of your DAILY value vitamin K ?? That totally blew my mind. And like 250% of your Vitamin A. SERIOUSLY. Talk about power food. Go buy some Kale! :)

Made it #2: Crock Pot Pinto Beans!

Yes, it's another kitchen thing. Seriously, Kaitlyn, sometimes I think you treat this as a food blog! My oh my. Anyways, I sent Boy Blue to the store yesterday for avocados  That's it. And limes. Sorry, I lied. 2 items. 
Needless to say...he came back with 4 grocery bags filled with fresh fruit and veggies... margarita mix (SHHH!) AND dried pinto beans. ??? Random, right? I never buy dried beans. They scare me. I know their cheaper but my mom always bought canned, and I grew up with canned beans.... plus don't dried beans take FOREVER??? What was he thinking?? 
Well I got to thinking. We've been migrating slowly toward a more vegan diet (more on that to come in a future post).... but anyways, beans are a great protein, etc etc. But I got to thinking about my amazing "crock pot". I told my mom I wanted one for christmas (Talking like a $20 or $30 one max... I'm young, I don't need expensive things. I'll ask for those on my wedding registry!) But she talked to our family friend who works at Williams & Sonoma and she is like seriously 5x better than Martha Stewart. She knows EVERYTHING and does it all with class.. like for real, and she's the most humble person I know. LOVE her. They're like family. 

ANYWAYS. I ended up with this SUPER pot I like to call it. (no pun intended...) It is AMAZING. it does everything. Check it Out! It's beautiful. It does everything. It's a Cuisinart 4-in-1 Multicooker. I can brown, sautee, slow cook (high & low), steam, and roast ALL in one pot.

Talk about easy clean up. Anyways, they're not paying me to say this, but -- I LOVE this thing. So I did a few searches this morning, and put my dried beans in on low around noon today. They have been smelling up a storm!! Yumm. Little cumin, paprika, chili powder, garlic, lots and lots of garlic actually..., cilantro, pepper, tomato, red onion.... YUMM. They smell so good. I've had them on the heat for about 7 hours, and they're pretty much ready, but since Boy Blue is working late tonight (he won't be home till after midnight... zzzzzz!) and I have trouble eating full meals when he's not here, I just left them on the heat and they're absorbing those flavors even more! I wish you could smell them through the computer!

These pictures certainly do NOT do them justice.
I think tonight I might eat some with some quinoa. And I'm planning on mashing up the leftovers in a few days and pureeing them like refried beans and making a dip. DELISH. I love my kitchen!


Super Summer Giveaways!

On another note: In my lazy blogging/internet creeping today I found some super AMAZING giveaways, and I had to share with you all! :)

 Congratulations to both Hippo Hooray for Second Grade! and Reading Toward the Stars for their great follower milestones! 300 and 600?? Wow! I can only dream!! :)

These ladies are super teacher stars and I'm so excited for their giveaways!! Seriously, They're giving away TONS of stuff.

Hippo Hooray for Second Grade! is on day 2 of a 3 day giveaway extravaganza. Get in on it now!! Click here for day 2 and here for day 3. DO IT! You will NOT regret it :) Some of her prizes even include surprises MAILED to you?? How neat!!

Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

Reading Toward the Stars has reached 600 followers!! Can you believe that! I'm so impressed! Click here for her HUGE summer giveaway!!

Seriously, anyone would be lucky to win one piece of these fabulous collections! 

While I'm at it, another fabulous blogger opened her TPT store this week and is celebrating with a giveaway of EVERYTHING in her store! WOW!! Can't believe this one!
Click here to learn more about Curious Firsties giveaway! It ends soon!

GOOD LUCK! :) :) :)


MS. OCD said...

I might have to try the kale chips, and that is a serious crockpot! Signed up to follow:). Looking forward to reading future postings!

Darnee L.W. said...

I lurve my CrockPot! Being from New Orleans & not committed to standing in front of a stove all day long, I use mine to make my mom's red beans :) They come out so good, every time.

Kaitlyn said...

Yay! Welcome new followers!
You should definitely try the Kale Chips, I loved them! :)

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