Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Teacher Always Says... Linky!

I just HAD to jump on this bandwagon... I have so many little phrases, sometimes I feel like a broken record! I know that many teachers do this, so it sure has been funny to see some similar ones floating around the bloggy world!
I'm linking up with Forever in First for this linky party! What a great topic! :)

So without further ado, here are some of my go-to phrases in the classroom!

I always use this to get my kids settled on the carpet, and they repeat it with me quite well. Usually all I have to say is "Criss Cross Applesauce..." and they join right in! Sometimes we do a little call and response and they like shouting out that last word in each line instead.

I use this one all the time when students start to tattle. We do a BIG push on the difference between tattling to get someone in trouble and telling a teacher if something is unsafe. The kids do a pretty good job of reminding each other what they can solve by themselves, what they should stay out of, and what they need to tell the teacher. This also ties in with taking personal responsibility for themselves too--a BIG lesson in second grade!

This one is for all my little kiddos that love to decide to go to the bathroom while I'm giving directions, or waste time sharpening a pencil right as the independent work begins instead of finding another one and getting busy!! Is now the right time? Usually they know they're busted right away!

I'm coming from a school that did just about all station based learning. SO while I was teaching in small groups (just about all day, every day), the rest of the class is busy at stations. The standard "Ask 3 Before Me" was HUGE in my classroom because of this model.

These last two are my favorites and my kids would repeat them ALL the time. SUCH a hoot. 
This is my GO TO statement during those guided reading groups I was talking about. The kids know they cannot interrupt me while I am at teacher station and have my green feather boa on (my invisible scarf!). 
I don't remember how this started, but it came out one day and it stuck. I think I was trying to think of that BBB rule that some teachers use? Blood? Barf? and something? I don't know. But this has been my go to phrase when kids come up and interrupt me. There are always a few little sunshines that don't understand and think that if they stand there long enough they'll get what they want from me! So I ask them: Are you bleeding, dying, or is your hair on fire? and they run right away. The funniest part is when the kids in my guided reading group (or other passer bys) tap the interruptor on the shoulder and ask them the same question!

Ahh, yes. I got this one from my mother. My poor mother must have gotten sick of me shouting "Mom, Mom, MOM" all over house after awhile and she'd tell me: "Mom left. She went to China." I never understood, "but mom, you're right in front of me?!" And so one day it slipped out with my class... You know those days when you get sick of your own name? or worse, the dreaded "Teacher, Teacher"?? Yeah, that's when I pull this one out.
They certainly didn't get it at first, and I sure had a lot of questions about China, but I use it sparingly! 
I always have a few gems who tell other students (who, of course, without permission got out of their seat and made their way over to me where I'm in the middle of something else to interrupt and whine my name to my turned back), "shhh, Ms. Runde's not here! She's in China!" :) 

Dang my kids crack me up! I miss my little nuggets so badly! 


Tammy said...

Kaitlyn, thank you for taking the time to join my linky. BBB - blood, barf, and bathroom. That's what I use, but I sure do like your version a lot, especially the hair on fire part. By the way, I might have to visit China too. Thanks again!
❀ Tammy
Forever in First

Charlotte said...

LOL! I have not heard the hair on fire part! I use, are you bleeding, dying, or going to vom?
Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun

Katie De Leon said...

Your blog looks great!! I am your newest follower!

A Basket Full of Apples

Angela Nerby said...

I say "bleeding, barfing or broken?" but the hair on fire part is F.U.N! Also, I love the "spoons in the bowl" part of your criss-cross applesauce. I will definitely be stealing that for next year!

Angela :)
Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

PS I LOVE the name of your blog! Second is MOST DEFINITELY the BEST!!! :D

Kaitlyn said...

Angela-- I think thats the BBB I was thinking of! Broken... that makes sense! I still love the hair on fire part though... I don't think I'll be able to drop it... My kids always giggled! Maybe I was thinking of the Teach Like your Hair's on Fire book! :)

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