Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Literature **Need your Help!!**

Hello friends,

I'm sorry I've been MIA for a few days! Almost a week! EEK! I have been a busy girl!! I finally got to cleaning out some of that mess I showed you in my last post... and I got to see my new classroom on Monday!!! [I'm SOO excited! I have counter space, cupboards, a SINK with a drinking fountain, and most exciting--a WINDOW!!] Now I just have to come up with a solution for backpack hoods and cubbies... That is the one thing I will miss from my old closet of a classroom... *sigh* Any suggestions??

This year marks some changes for me as a teacher...
I'll be at a new school first of all (which is exciting but nerve wracking...), but I will also be teaching ALL subjects. I'm new at this you see...
My first two years in the classroom were as a "primary reading" teacher. So I saw one class of Kinders, firsties, and seconds everyday for 90 minutes each. JUST for Reading.
NOT Language Arts.
Not writing. (They had a separate writing teacher they saw for 90 minutes later in the day).
...very different.

Now, my passion is literacy. I loved focusing on reading. But--the more I thought about it, the more I thought there was probably something missing from isolating reading and writing especially in grades K-2... Many of the things I noticed the kids struggling with in reading, they would struggle with in writing, and without cohesive and CONSTANT collaboration, having two separate teachers was tough.

ANYWAYS. Long story short... I'm SO excited to teach all subjects. I'll be teaching second grade... ALL DAY LONG! (Well there's still a chance I may be asked to teach a 1/2 split. But we're waiting to hear on some ELL numbers.)
However, with these big changes, I have A LOT of work/research/pinteresting/LEARNING to do about best practices for math, science, WRITING, etc... I'm a bit intimidated.

I love readers workshop and Daily 5 (well I modified it in my reading classroom to be a bit different, but I'm familiar with the procedures). And I LOVE teaching in small groups (guided reading etc...)
I'm curious--especially those of you teaching first and second grades, what do you recommend? Writing Workshop? Math workstations? guided math?
What books do you recommend I read this summer to wrap my head around these things!!

I've been scouring amazon, but I can't decide! I figured I should ask you all what you recommend and suggest, instead of spending money on something silly!

Side Note: I know I'm a little behind but... I just bought Teach Like a PIRATE! And I cannot put it down! I've been reading it for fun and I'm almost done!
Thank goodness I sold back some of those textbooks from my Masters classes--I love having that Amazon gift card in my account! :)

So, I was looking at some Lucy Calkins books? (I've heard good and bad things--maybe a different writers workshop author??) or the Debbie Diller MathStations book? 
So, teacher bloggers--what do you think?? What do you recommend? What have you read? What works? and What does NOT? 

So many great choices, I have no idea what to do!! I'm also nervous because I have bought books before that just SIT on shelves... I want to get some that I KNOW will be engaging, and helpful to me--not just a waste of money and something I never use!

Thanks for all your help and suggestions!


Tammy said...

I'd definitely recommend writing workshop. I really like Lucy Calkins, but I was doing writing workshop even before I stumbled across her. One of the books that really helped me was Writing Essentials by Regie Routman. Good luck!
❀ Tammy
Forever in First

Kaitlyn said...

Oooh! Thanks for the idea Tammy! I'll look into that one for sure. :) I appreciate your help!

Katie said...

Just came across your blog, I'm your newest follower.
I LOVE to teach writing. It's my favorite subject. I'm definitely a writing workshop fan. If you have questions throughout the year, feel free to ask me. I teach 2nd grade, too. Another great book to read is About the Authors by Katie Wood Ray. She's awesome! So is Regie Routman (like Tammy said).
I've been working on creating writing curriculum based on Common Core State Standards. I'm doing personal narratives now. Maybe I'll send you a copy when I finish and if you use it, you can let me know how it goes. :) At the very least, it may give you some ideas.

Cousin Classrooms

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