Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday Made it?? (An update on my crafty Monday Made It night!)

So yesterday I promised an update with pictures of my craftiness with the goodies I shared in my Made it Monday post! So I'm re-linking with Fourth Grade Frolics

Teacher Sign...


And then... with the magic of modge podge! Ta Da!!
I really like it... I think it will look really cute in my teacher area.

Book Boxes...

And my magazine files... I modge podged scrapbook paper in 5 colors and various patterns (orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) onto each of them. 

I'm so excited about them! I know the colors don't look great in these pictures, but they're super bright and fun and totally worth the 2 hour project sitting on the floor watching Weeds.... Woops!

Clothespins & Student Work Display...

Then, while I had the modge podge out, I started doing some clothespins like I'd seen in a million places on pinterest.

And I took a little ribbon, and voila! made a student work clip holder. 
The picture is obviously not the greatest. (The globe is from my classroom--yes I'm still in boxes all over my house!) and don't look at my laundry piles on the kitchen table... YIKES. I'm a mess. 

Miscellaneous Leftovers... :)

Lastly--I figured I should show off my hand sanitizer passes and teacher toolbox. I stole both of these (freebies) from somewhere in the midst of bloggy world. I know the passes came from Fun in Room 4b... Go download you a set! They're free!! 

And I apologize-- I stole this pattern and template from my blog adventures... I needed an editable one, and I LOVED these colors. If it's yours, or you know where it came from--PLEASE let me know so i can give proper credit. I'm sorry!

Until Next time... Later Gators.


Angela Nerby said...

I seriously LOVE everything in this post! What a great idea to modge podge scrapbook paper over your magazine files. Makes me wish I didn't throw mine away a few years ago (they were all broken though...). And the teacher sign with your name? ADORABLE!!! You're so crafty!

Angela :)
Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

Lauren De Wees said...

Hi Kaitlyn! I was on the lookout for 2nd grade blogs to follow and I love all of your crafty ideas! I nominated you for an award. Head on over to my blog to find out the details:
The Traveling Teacher

Mandy Lopez said...

Hey lady! I've been looking for 2nd grade blogs as I'm just moving to a 2-3 class this year. I also nominated you for an award. Go to the site below to find out all about it, and also to pick up a *free* item from my TpT store.


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