Sunday, August 25, 2013

BOY exhaustion.... (&Classroom Tour!)

Well my fellow teachers....
I will tell you my excuse (but I'm sure you heard it a million times...) I have been MIA for almost a MONTH. I can't believe it. I'm so disappointed in myself!!
But... I also can't believe that we are 3 weeks into the school year!! Holy Moly! Where has the time gone!!

I have 29 wonderful second graders... (29!!!!) I'm running out of chairs. Seriously. They keep sending me new kids... I have 30 chairs. (And that's after I begged maintenance to bring me 6 more before the start of school!!) Yikes.

Anyways, My room doesn't look anything like these pictures anymore, but I thought I'd show what it did look like at Meet the Teacher Night.  :)

WELCOME!! :) (I love this...)

This is my finished objective board and date flip charts. I LOVE this part of my room. 

Here's a view of the front of my room (The Powerpoint was going from Meet the Teacher Night...)

This is the other side of the white board. That is the front door to my classroom in the corner.

 This is the start of my "Positive Thoughts Wall" from Hope King's Desire to Inspire!!

Right next to my door (this is totally different now)

My library! I have moved these shelves too now... 

The back corner of my room looking from the doorway (computer and writing station on that back counter top)

The back cupboards have my word wall, and my book boxes live on the counter with the sink.

This is my listening center (view straight in from the door)

My Teacher area. :) I kept my teacher desk and I just put my swivel chair in between so I have access to all that workspace. So far I like it, but I haven't started small groups yet... I'll keep you posted! :)

Carpet area! I love my rocking chair!! The school bought us rugs and easels this year to really push a balanced literacy block in K-3. I LOVE it. I use the easel ALLLLLLL the time.

view towards the door.

These were my cute little donation apples for Open House. We're not allowed to really ask for school supplies from students, so we can ask for donations. These were some extra donation apples, "Pick an apple if you can donate to our room!" Like a giving tree! This was after they'd been picked over halfway through Open House. :)

Word Wall and Book Boxes again.

Writing Center

Listening Center

Classroom Norms Banner. 
(This was all over Pinterest... I had it printed on a banner with VistaPrint! My kids LOVE it!!)

Ta Da!! If you made it through those million pictures I applaud you! I made some Kagan strategy student numbers this weekend and put them on TPT--the first two to comment with your email get them FREE! :)

Anyways... now I'm off to finish up sub plans... (I have an all day literacy training tomorrow.... district wide K-3... yippee!!) I really just wish I could go hang out with my kids... we gotta practice expanded notation!! mannnn...

Good Luck to those of you starting this week! (or those of you like me who are in week 4 already!!)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Currently... (wasting time!)

I'm linking up with Farley for her August Currently...
Here goes... :)

Listening: to Netflix. Blue is lounging before he leaves for work and we always go back to watch reruns of HIMYM... It is our goto when there is nothing on TV and we don't feel like searching Netflix for something new. Plus I can always multitask during the show. 

Loving: We went to that movie 2 Guns last night with Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg... MAN I love that guy. He is so sexy!! But seriously--it was definitely worth seeing in the theaters! I recommend it! :)

Thinking: Blue is crazy. He just brought home an orange tabby cat. I guess it was free cat day at the animal shelter...
1) We have 3 dogs. 2) I am not a fan of long-haired cats. 3) We have 3 dogs!!!! We do not need another mouth to feed... Yikes. I do feel bad for her... and I know she needed a home... But, ahhh! 

Wanting: I don't want to do anything but be lazy with my puppy and maybe make a loaf of Italian herb bread. yummmmmm That would make delicious sandwiches this week for my first week back to work!!

Needing: School starts TOMORROW. I feel so behind. I have some activities planned, but I have not really written out formal plans for the week... I'm DRAGGING my feet. Yuck. I need to get my act together. I can't believe i just admitted that in the teacher blog world... You guys are like the overachiever teachers that I admire!! I am sorry! I don't blame you if you stop following me now! eek! don't throw the tomatoes!!

B2s Must Haves: calendar or planner! I say or planner because I haven't bought one yet this year that I love... But I made my calendar in my teacher binder and it is my MUST have. I have to stay organized! And I love pretty pens to write in it with! Pretty flair pens or thin tip sharpies... ahhh I'm obsessed!! And lastly, I need my caffeiene! This first week back is going to be BRUTAL. In terms of energy level and feeling prepared all day everyday... I feel like it's nearly impossible at a new school building... oh gosh... Wish me luck! I'm scared!!
I'll update you soon!! :)